Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in the Saddle, Part II

I forgot... When I got my new (refurbished, new to me) laptop, it did not have a phone jack for dial-up. So when I took it to my computer dude, he said it could not support one. So I went to Cricket and signed up for broadband at $40 a month plus $5 a month insurance. Hence, I got rid of my web site since I don't have time to really make it work, and that saves me $20 a month, and got rid of my land line through Qwest, which saves me $25 a month, which pays for my Cricket!

The clutch in my truck went out, and it won't be repaired until next week, so I get to drive the "Blue Truck", which has been repainted, thanks to your's truly hitting an elk, to a metallic brown. Regardless of the color, it's an ok truck. It pulls good, but overheats, so you have to take the hills slower. And the engine retarders don't work as well as those on my truck, so I have to go down hills at 20MPH. I am SO learning patience.

AND as usual, there's no forcast for snow in the mountains, so I've been getting my ass kicked with snow and crappy roads.

Let's see, what else is there? Hmmmm, nothing that I can think of. Well, then, that's all till the next time, eh?

Y'all take care and God bless, and keep the rubber side down.

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