Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama night on the town

I don't mind that the President and First Lady went out on a date; every loving couple should.

I do wonder who's money they used: theirs or ours.

What bothers me is that he stated he promised her a night on the town in New York City when the election was all said and done. So, now, he's fulfilled THAT promise to her, what about the rest of us?

When is he going to start helping the REAL economy? When is he going to start helping the thousands of people facing foreclosures? When is he going to learn basic math?

I just found out that a local hobby shop, Don's Hobbies, went out of business. Where's Obama's bailout money for them?

My boss is very Blue Collar. A friend of mine is a financial wizard and is very White Collar. Neither knows the other, but both can see we are on an express train to hell in regards to the economy.

Pray. Pray for your family, Pray for your neighbors, Pray for your City, Pray for your County or Parish, Pray for your State, and Pray for our wonderful country, The United States of America.

May God have Mercy on us before it's too late.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Greetings! My friend, Kevin McClain, has a blog and has been pestering me for quite some time to make my own blog to use as a creative writing outlet.

The other motivation for me to do this is the fact that the Greeley Tribune, for whom I have written for intermittently since 1999, has changed the rules and the way articles are submitted and published. Hence, I might as well do this my way, vent when I want, the way I want.

This is new to me, and very under construction. So please have patience with me as I learn about blogging and getting things posted.

As for the name, "The Short Fat Truck Driver", I have been using that for some time. I am not really short, 5'9", and weigh in at only 250#. However, the whole quote is: "...But nobody listens to The Short, Fat Truck Driver (until it's too late)!" Meaning, when somebody does something (stupid) that I need to express words of caution, I do so and follow it up with the quote. And it's found out I'm usually right!

Also, please visit my web site:

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