Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Writing and my books

Where does the time go? 

I was on my vacation the first part of June to Florida.  It was Great!  Having just gotten back from vacation, I didn't take my usual day off.  Then it seemed as though, no sooner had I gotten back, it was time for my son, Terence, to get married.  That weekend was used up with the festivities, et al.  The Boss made a deal with me: If he covered for me to spend time with the family during that week(end), then I was to cover for him while he took a "vacation" and went camping.  That worked for me. 

Now I used the term "vacation" because even though the Boss was gone, he was still having to dispatch the loads.  So even though he was miles away, or so I believe, he still had to put up with me every day and tell me where to go.  Busy week. 

But this week I have Monday and Tuesday nights off.  This is basically only because our day driver is quitting the end of the month (7/31) and then it will only be the Boss and I, again.  So I'm taking advantage of still having another driver to help cover the loads. 

You can't blame him for leaving, what with all the fires we've had in the High Country up by where he lives, and he does have a construction company.  So he's going to go work for himself helping to rebuild that area. 

So I get to do some blogging tonite, and work on my books.

Trucker's Tales, Semi Non-Fiction is now an E-book available on Amazon.com for Kindle, or your computer.  It has been and will continue to be available in paperback and audio CD.

The latest book, Pyro-Vortex (Fire Tornado) is an E-book available on Amazon.com for Kindle, or your computer.  I intend on getting the paperback version done these two days off.  It's a daunting task, in that I really don't know what I am doing, but having an IQ greater than that of a small soap dish does help get things done.  So by the Grace of God and a little bit of luck, I'll get it done. 

Please check out and purchase my books, and spread the word! 

I have a list of things that need to be done before I go back to work on Wednesday.  I'm going to be busy! 

Keep the rubber side down and I'll catch you next time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mom is gone

June 9, 1926 to May 16, 2012
We were expecting it, but that doesn't make it any easier.
It amazes me the memories that flood one's mind when "the news" is broken. 

We did not have a funeral for Mom, because she did not want one.  Mom was creamated and my sister, Connie, got me a Silver Cross that was/is made specifically to put a dab of ashes into, and then sealed.   We were hoping to go out into the Gulf on a friend's boat and scatter part of Mom's ashes, and that would probably have been the memorial.  But due to the weather, that idea has been postponed.

I have a canister that I took on the plane with me that has the other half of Mom's ashes.  Some are to be placed on my Dad's grave, and part scattered in the Colorado mountains. 

I am fortunate that I did have 40 more years to get to know my Mother than my Dad.  Having had time to get to know my Mom is very fortunate, indeed. 

Even after this time, and knowing what was to come, it doesn't lessen the heart ache and sense of loss. 
It does give me more of a sense of Family. 

Tell your family (and friends) you Love them the next chance you get.  You never know; it may be the last chance you get!