Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ramblings, 02/29/2012

Happy Leap Year!
My Daughter, Tanya, was married on Leap Year 2008, so today is her anniversary. Yay! Her FIRST anniversary. She did that so that What's-His-Name could remember, and would only have to buy her one gift (instead of 4). Isn't that wonderful! Lol Robbie is a Great guy, and I am proud that he is a part of the family.

Moving: ugh! I moved from a studio apartment into a two-bedroom mansion! Well, it's still an apartment, but it's SO much bigger than the other place. Had to move; the owner was making life unbearable, with bugs, safety issues, over charging, etc.

Thank God for friends! My boss and friend, Brad, helped me move, as well as my son Michael. I did hire movers to move the big stuff, since I'm no longer a spring chicken, and I didn't want my new queen sized bed to get dirty on the floor of the other place. The movers did a great job, too.

I've let my hair grow out since September of last year. It started as an experiment to help me stay warm in the cold Colorado winter. But I've gotten so many positive comments about it, I've decided to let it grow. I am thinking about going back to Ohio this summer, and letting my daughter cut and color my hair. Whatcha think of that idea? I had forgotten how much fun long hair was. I now have to deal with hair in the sink, shower drain, floor, etc. My blue tooth doesn't fit well if my hair gets too long.

In my journeys up to our gas station in Avon, I have gotten caught in two blizzards so far this year. Yes, I said "So far". I do expect more. I had a panic attack a few weeks ago about driving a fuel tanker in the snow, but by the Grace of God I've gotten through that and can deal with it now.

Brad and Troy helped me yesterday to move my crate out of storage and up to the new apartment. "Helped" is a misnomer; they did almost all of the work! Thanks again guys. The crate contains three cut and polished pieces of rare marble that's pinkish in color, with white and black through it. I got that marble 30 years ago, and am only now able to have a place to set up my coffee and end tables. So if anybody tells me I don't have patience....

I got my newest book cover prototype back yesterday. Charity did an EXCELLENT job of photoshopping! I have the manuscript done (?) and will be getting it in E-book format soon. After that, then the printed book. Hopefully by June.

Terence is still in the Army, doing well. Can't say much about him due to security issues.

And, oh yeah, almost forgot: I finally hit the speed limit for trucks in Ohio, as of 2/11/2012. I don't feel any different now than I did a month ago, but my kids seem to think I'm getting olde. What do they know anyway?

Keep the rubber side down and the bugs off your windshield.