Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Florida Vacation, 2011

I was able, by the Grace of God, go to Florida for a short vacation. This was precipitated by the news that my nephew, Neil, was going to be graduating from college. It was also a welcomed respite from the Colorado cold and snow!

Neil graduated from the University of Southern Florida with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I told him if he needed a job I'd teach him how to drive a truck.

His lovely (and especially rambunctios) wife, Marisol, is expected to graduate in May from USF as an RN.

Of course, while in Florida, I got to see my dear olde Mother. Nursing home living does not do a person well. She has dropped in weight to under 100#! It's no wonder that my Lady friend took care of her Mother at home for the last few years of her life. But, it was good to see Mom again.

My other nephew, Stephen, was in from Columbus, Ohio, along with his lady friend. And the boy's dad and his wife were there also. At the graduation party there were about 20 family members and close friends of Neil's. It was nice. The balloons sucked.

The weather was warm, in the 70's all week, down in the 50's at night. Got to go down to the Gulf, had lots of great food, and went swimming. All-in-all it was a great week.

On the way home I got to see, from the air, Anna Maria Island, Rotten Ralph's restaurant, the pier, the Sunshine Skyway bridge, Tampa, and St.Pete. The airplane back to Denver circled around downtown Atlanta, so we got to see it from the south, east and north. There was some turbulence coming into Colorado, but nothing the pilots couldn't handle.

Now I get to go back to work. Goodie.